Job-scheduler is a program that schedules programs to be run at their specified times. It gives users several options for scheduling programs.

  You might have had many experiences in which you needed some programs to be run at some certain times or every few hours. Or you wanted routine jobs to be run automatically.

  Many programs are developed to solve this need. And Job-scheduler is one of them. Job-scheduler tries to deal with these kinds of problems generically, giving features that fits most of scheduling problems. It gives you the ability to define a run interval instead of only program starting time. This is very useful for some programs. Furthermore you can specify what to do in the program run interval if the program terminates; You might want your program to be run only once in that interval, or you might want it to be rerun every time it terminates or to be rerun till its return value becomes 0.

  You can download the latest release from this page.

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